Sammy’s Mail Club

Want a meaningful children’s gift that combines fun and education?

A present to deliver smiles all year and grow bonds between generations?

With activities that stimulate creativity and cultivate compassion?

Dear Loving Grandparents and Parents,

As a busy, working mother of three who has lived across the country from family for over 20 years, I know the challenges of growing a connection between my own children and their grandparents and other long-distant family members. Today’s technologies offer more ways than ever before to stay in touch, yet all of us are thrilled to find a personal letter in the mail (instead of bills and ads, right?). Youth of today, who know technology, especially yearn to get mail! Grandparents always treasure holding onto a letter.

No Computer Needed

Generations In Touch created Sammy the Mail Snail Mail Club to give kids a fun and educational gift throughout the year while keeping grandparents in the loop of joy with cherished letters, too. Children enjoy the excitement of getting a special packet of mail and a sense of accomplishment of doing something special for their grandparents, too.

Time Is Marching On — Don’t Miss Out

When my children were younger, I don’t know how many good intentions to send a letter to grandma were foiled as a picture sat for days, weeks, on the counter, awaiting being sent or I just gave up from lack of time.

  • the anxiety I felt over not sending something more often to awaiting and appreciative grandparents.
  • the questions grandparents voiced about whether or not the kids had gotten what they’d mailed or the next issue of the magazine they’d gifted them.
  • finally, the satisfaction I got knowing their grandparents were enjoying more connection with my children.

Sammy’s Mail Club is the fun new way for kids and grandparents to be in touch!


Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 !

1. Grandparents and child become members in the Mail Club

2. Sammy sends the children mail and they write or draw a letter to grandparents

3.  Grandparents get mail from the kids


1. The fun starts when grandparents and children become paired members in Sammy’s Mail Snail Club.  How?

  • Grandparents can enroll with their grandkids as a gift to the children.
  • Or parents can gift a membership to their child and any of the grandparents.
  • An Aunt or Uncle can pair up as a gift for their niece or nephew.
  • Of course, Sammy’s Mail Club works between great-grand relatives, too!

2.  Sammy sends each child a bright, big envelope containing:

  • A fun and educational (don’t tell the kids!) news-style letter, with stories, games and activities.
  • An easy-to-follow craft, science or other activity using things you’ve got around the house (we love re-using and recycling).
  • A themed sticker sheet.
  • Stationery and an envelope, stamped and pre-addressed to their grandparents (or whoever is their Mail Club paired adult).

3.   Children send special mail to their grandparents!

  • Kids use the stationery in their packet to write a letter (with prompts from Sammy) or add their own message or draw a picture.
  • With a fold and a lick their special letter is ready to drop in a mailbox, hand to the postman or take to the post office.
  • Grandparents get the joy of hearing from their grandchildren, with a hold-in-the-hand letter or drawing that is 
    • big enough to display on the refrigerator,
    • small enough to keep in a senior-center room,
    • just the right size to show off to friends or neighbors.
  • Parents appreciate how easy it is! No hunting around for stamps or envelope.

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Let Sammy make it easy for your kids to take charge of sending cherished mail to grandma and grandpa. Don’t let your child’s special letter or drawing sit on the counter like I used to. Coffee spill. Misplaced. Thrown out with the newspapers. Even though it’s not that hard to find a stamp to put on the letters, sometimes I just don’t get around to it quick enough—for my kids or for my parents. Angie R.,  Villa Park, IL


Let Sammy bring you more mail from your grand kids to enjoy and show off to your friends. I like talking on the phone to my grandkids but sometimes they are too quiet to understand or are not in the mood to talk long. Besides, letter writing is something all kids should know how to do. I love getting mail from my grandkids. Lorraine R.,  Crystal Falls, MI

Sammy says: Join the fun — Today!

Annual Subscription for one Grandparent(s) & Child Pair:

NOW   $23.95 ( Regular  $27.95 )  Includes 3 mailings — & a birthday greeting, too.

Each additional Child subscribed with the same Adult:

NOW   $21.95 ( Regular  $25.95 )   Includes 3 mailings — & a birthday greeting, too.

Special pricing for a limited time only!

You’ll get a certificate to download and print

(in the confirmation email) to announce the gift subscription to Sammy’s Mail Club that will last through the year.  . Sammy’s unconditional guarantee: receive a full refund after the first mailing if not completely satisfied!

It’s easy to join the club!

Pay online with a credit card below, at the correct Buy Now button below. (Your charge will appear on your statement as WiseRoadsLLC.) Pay by check, click here to download a subscription form to fill out and mail in.

EACH ORDER IS FOR ONE ADULT ADDRESS (can be both of the grandparents) that can be paired with as many children as you like. For other, different adult addresses, order separately. Each child receives a separate mailed packet.

FOR: One adult (or pair at same address) and One child

FOR: One adult (or paired at same address) and Two children (any addresses)

FOR: One adult (or pair at same address) and Three children (any addresses)

FOR: One adult (or pair at same address) and Four Children (any addresses)

FOR: One adult (or pair at same address) and Five Children (at any addresses)

To start a subscription for another adult-child at a different adult address (for example, another set of grandparents), you will need to order again, separately.

AFTER each online payment, you will be directed to a form to enter all of the names and mailing addresses of the paired adult(s) and child(ren). (Your charge will appear on your statement as WiseRoadsLLC.). For More Answers to Your Questions, Please See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page under About tab at the top. If you don’t find your answer there, please use the contact form.

Sammy the Mail Snail delivers smiles no matter the miles!

Rediscover the pleasures of simpler times

Let Sammy the Mail Snail spark kids’ creativity and deepen family connections, across distances and generations. Fun for everyone — Join Today!